ROAR is a private, non-profit community initiative, working in cooperation with Riverside Beaver County School District.  Thanks to the hard work, guidance, and expertise of JDS Commerical Construction and WD Wright Contracting, we have been able to significantly reduce the cost of the building! In addition, an amazing gift of $75,000 was donated to ROAR from Americore Health on behalf of Ellwood City Medical Center.  Due to these contributions, construction on the new building is nearly complete!

We are still looking to increase our  funds to allow for upgrades or improvements to the structure. For example, we would love to update the existing ticket booth! We also need additional funding for sidewalks around the building.  Additionally, we will be continuing our fundraising efforts to help other areas within the District.

Please consider a gift today and be part of this epic fundraising project!

THE Need

20100903-RHS Varsity FB vs Beaver-IMG_2914Did you know that Riverside Memorial Stadium has no public rest facilities?

Our athletes, marching band, cheerleaders, students, fans, family members, and visiting guests have only a few rented, portable public toilets available.

In addition, our athletes do not have a sheltered area to gather before, during or after their games or events.

The circumstances are inconvenient and unacceptable.  We can do better!


20100903-RHS Varsity FB vs Beaver-IMG_2621-yearbookThe Riverside Outdoor Athletic Renovation initiative, (ROAR), in cooperation with Riverside Beaver County School District,  has developed an exciting plan to fund the construction of an integrated public rest facility and field house at Riverside Memorial Stadium – providing the clean, convenient and family-friendly public facilities we so desperately need.  Because our mostly rural community has a very limited residential and corporate tax base, ROAR is working to combine available grants with generous corporate and individual donations, to raise the funds needed to bring this exciting and long-overdue plan to life.


20100826-Panther Night-IMG_1415-yearbook

Riverside Memorial Stadium is used throughout the year by our district’s varsity and junior varsity sports teams, physical education classes, marching bands, cheerleading and dance teams, other sporting and civic organizations, and local residents of all ages.
With your financial support, we will finally be able to construct a much-needed public rest facility to help assure the health and comfort of our students, athletes and stadium guests for generations to come.
Help us bring this exciting plan to life by sharing our message with your friends and neighbors, and please consider making a generous donation to ROAR today!

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